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Car Wash Systems Simplify and Speed Up the Car Cleaning Proces

When washing your car it’s important that things are undertaken in the correct manner and right order, to prevent any potential damage from being inflicted, and to also ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and that nothing is overlooked or missed. If you regularly wash your car yourself, you may already have your own routine that works for you and the needs of your vehicle and this is fine so long as the final outcome is satisfactory, and more importantly, that nothing is being jeopardized during the routine.

It is very easy to slip into, and adopt bad habits without knowing it, that could be damaging your car in some way, or compromising the standard of results being achieved. It is worth reviewing your car washing routine once in a while to see if there is anything that you could change and improve, in order to enhance the experience by increasing efficiency, and to improve or refine the final outcome.

To begin with, before going anywhere near your car, it makes sense to get all of the products and equipment you will need out and ready for use. Hosepipes and pressure washers should be connected to the water supply and be sufficiently unraveled to provide you with enough length to comfortably reach around your vehicle. Wash buckets should filled with shampoo and have grit guards inserted, wash implements/drying towels should be kept at close hand along with any other cleaners, such as wheel cleaners and all purpose cleaners, and any detailing brushes that may be required should be gathered together.

These items can soon add up so it is advisable to obtain something that can be used to carry and hold them in a clean safe place while you are washing. There are many such items available, ranging from designated detailing bags and caddies that can fix to your buckets, to simple soft material tool bags that can easily be converted into a ‘detailing bag’. Finally, before washing, you should ensure that your car is in ‘Ceramic coating suitable location. This may mean moving it off the road onto a driveway, up onto the sidewalk slightly to give a little extra working space roadside, if you do not have a driveway, or into a cool shaded area if the strong sun is out.

The first stage of the car washing process should always be to clean the wheels and wheel arches/wells. This is because they tend to be the dirtiest and most contaminated part of a car and often require some heavy products to clean them properly. If you do this after the body and paintwork has been washed you can easily re contaminate the clean surface with product over spray and grime.

Also, the wheels can often take some time to clean thoroughly, especially if they are particularly dirty or have a detailed design, and so it makes sense to pay attention to these lower parts earlier on in the process. It is also advisable that you use a separate wash bucket and wash implements for the wheels and wheel arches/wells and that you do not use these items to clean any other parts of your car especially the paintwork as they can become heavily contaminated with dirt and grit that can easily inflict damage.

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