Watching Movies on Your New Subwoofer Sound Setup

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“81% of purchases happen after 5 or more contacts from the seller. Only 10% of businesses make 5 or more contacts to the potential customer or client and get the sale.” – from Conquer the Chaos by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau (founders of Infusionsoft.)

By sending out a regular newsletter, you are sharing your brilliance with your subscribers.

As they read your newsletters, you become the expert on that subject. Then, when someone has a question about your topic or when they’re ready to purchase, they won’t have to search online. Instead, you’ll be the person they contact because your expertise will already be established.

When you stay in regular contact with your audience through email marketing and your newsletter, you build a relationship. As you build (and maintain) that relationship, your readers know you can be trusted to provide relevant and useful information. This consistent communication keeps you in the mind of potential clients, showing you understand their struggles and can provide solutions to their challenges.

As your collection of informative and relevant newsletter articles builds up, you can re-purpose that content into blog posts, articles, reports, and more!

By combining a related series of articles, you can create ebooks soundcloud to mp3 even physical books for clients to purchase. Articles can also be adapted into audios or videos and uploaded to sites such as SoundCloud or YouTube, expanding your reach and marketing with just a few extra steps.

And then what happens?

The more you share through email marketing and newsletters, the more your audience grows. When your audience grows you’re increasing your potential client base. And when that happens, you’re able to help many more of your ideal clients with your gifts and expertise. This is how you build your successful business.

And after all, that’s what we want most, isn’t it? To serve more people with our expertise and our passion while building our brilliant business.

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Watching Movies on Your New Subwoofer Sound Setup