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Just imagine if there was a simple way to find an effective dark circles under eyes remedy. With so many creams and serums on the market, finding something that works can feel like a monumental task. Well, don’t give up! I have two simple tips which can help you achieve great results.

Tip #1 Eliminate Chemical-Based Products

Following this step is easy since most cream and serum formulas are based on cheap, synthetic ingredients. Eliminating these products is as simple as checking the label for substances like mineral oil, petrolatum, dioxane, trietholamine, isopropyl myristate, glycerin, propylene glycol, other alcohols and fragrances. Seeing these and other chemicals listed on the label is your indication the product should be avoided at all costs.

Why? Because the natural molecules of your skin are only able to absorb and interact with other natural molecules. Cosmetic chemicals are comprised of synthetic molecules which have no way to interact with the natural chemistry of your skin.

These substances are designed to lay a heavy cosmetic film on the surface of your skin which chokes off pores, keeps your skin from “breathing” and inhibits natural excretion of toxins.

Bottom line – your dark circles may be temporarily concealed, but the underling cellular level will continue to age.

Tip #2 Provide Powerful Healing with Nature-Based Products

Now this tip may be a little more difficult to follow since only a handful of companies produce quality, Nature-based products. Despite scientific proof that bio-active substances treat and heal damaged skin cells, most skin care companies don’t want to spend the heavy amounts of money it takes to research and test natural ingredients.

Fortunately, there are those smaller companies Original hidden wiki are committed to producing the most effective, chemical-free, Nature-based products which target and heal cell damage.

When it comes to an effective under eye remedy, products which contain high concentrations of bio-active peptides, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, plant-based oils and emollients are able to target the thinning skin, poor circulation, leaking capillaries and poor fluid drainage responsible for the tell-tale bluish-red pigment of dark circles.

In clinical studies, some of the more potent natural extracts used to successfully treat under eye problems include natural vitamin E, babbasu, Nanobelle Coenzyme Q10, Eyeliss™, active Manuka honey, Haloxyl™ and sheep wool extract (Cynergy TK™). Clinical tests on these ingredients revealed significant improvements in skin thickening, increased circulation, capillary strength and decreased amounts of accumulated haemoglobin.

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