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Medicare Supplement Plan N – Smart Alternative To Medicare Advantage

Medicare is the U.S. health insurance program for people 65 or older, people with certain disabilities under age 65, and people with any form or End-Stage Renal Disease (chronic kidney failure that requires dialysis or a kidney transplant).

There are two primary parts of Medicare, Part A and Part B. The following will give you information on these two parts, along with an overview of the prescription drug plan offered by Medicare.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is a program of hospital insurance coverage that is used for inpatient care in hospitals, including intensive and critical care hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities (not including long-term or custodial care). Medicare Part A can also be used for expenses needed for hospice care and certain types of home health care. To be eligible for these benefits, certain conditions must be met.

Cost: For most people, Medicare Part A doesn’t require a premium, or monthly payment. This is because the person or their spouse paid taxes for Medicare during their years of employment. Beneficiaries who aren’t able to get premium-free Part A may be eligible to buy it, if 1) they or their spouse are not entitled to Social Security benefits, because they either were never employed or they didn’t pay enough Medicare taxes during their years of employment; 2) are age 65 or older; or 3) are disabled but have returned to work, and thus are no longer eligible to receive free Part A coverage.

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