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3 Tips On Choosing A Good Screen Name For Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating is quick, easy, and a great way of meeting interesting people whose paths you wouldn’t have crossed otherwise. There’s only one problem with it, and it’s a problem that you can’t really avoid – it’s online. When you meet someone in the flesh you can figure out if they’re a weirdo or not within the first few minutes. It’s a lot harder to do that when all you’ve got is few sentences and an assertion that they have blonde hair and brown eyes.

Thankfully there are a few warning signs you can look for when looking at profiles to ensure that if and when you do meet your online amour, they are going to be pretty regular and pretty much what you expect.

Firstly, stay away from people who seem to be a little too normal. They say they like watching TV and eating at restaurants? That’s great – but most people do. What aren’t they telling you about themselves? But stay away from people who declare openly that they have a psycho ex stalking them and a passion for watching insects building nests, because that’s just weird.

Next, check the photo. We all do it – we want to make sure that we’re not going to go for dinner with Quasimodo – and people know this. Check their age and see if it matches with their photo, in case they’ve just happened to post one from 10 years ago. Make sure that you get a decent look at their face and they’ve not hidden behind something, because you never know what you’re hiding. And most importantly, try and see if their photo matches what they say about themselves, because people are not beyond putting up a photo that is of someone totally different.

It’s always important to try and make sure the person you are contacting is looking for the same thing as you, too. If you meet up wearing your nicest outfit and expecting a night of romantic candlelit dinner but they turn up wearing latex and brandishing their favourite sex toy, it’s going to be a pretty horrific situation. Make it clear what you want, and try to fully understand what they expect in

When you do go for a date in person, the bottom line is that you need to be safe. Even if you’re fully convinced that the person you’re going to meet is who they say they are, you have to make sure that you’ll be in no danger if they are not.

The rules are the same whether you were meeting someone from a chat room or a blind date – don’t meet up with anyone unless you completely trust them, always arrange to meet somewhere busy, and if you have any doubts get out of there. As long as it feels right and you make sure you are safe, it’s not the end of the world if the handsome prince you were expecting to meet turns out to be more of an ugly frog.


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