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Australian Beachfront Homes

One thing Australia can brag about is its natural beauty. From its amazing horizons to its world-class beaches, one can surely marvel at the beauty of this country. Truly, Australia has one of the most amazing beaches in the world as it offers variety and uniqueness, not to mention exotic beauty. Here in Australia you won’t just get a beachfront property but you can also have a piece of your heaven and rent your own private island. Most of the private islands in Australia are located on the coast of Queensland, just near the world famous Great Barrier Reef. However, islands in the region just mostly have a lease period Sunset dinner cruise port douglas lasts, at most, for 99 years. Australia has a coastline stretching to 37,000 km. containing around 11,011 beaches. To maintain its beauty most of the beaches in the country are deserted and coastal communities have access to the beach with at least an hour drive. About 85% of Australia’s population lives in the coast.

The most famous beach among local folks is located in Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the famous surf town, Bells Beach. It is considered the surfing capital of the country. There you will find most of the major brands of surfing goods and other surfing related products since most of the island’s attraction are about surfing. Another beach Victoria is proud of is Ninety Mile Beach. Here you can enjoy short beach strolls. It is also famous for surf fishing.Meanwhile, Australia also boasts of Bondi Beach, which is one of the country’s main attractions as it is frequented by tourists, lifesavers, sun worshippers, and surfers. The community in Bondi truly evokes a beach culture vibe attracting tourists and locals. Aside from the beach you can enjoy Bondi by experiencing a day in Campbell Parade where you can do al fresco dining, explore surf shops, check out the boardwalk scenes, and a whole lot more.

In the North Coast in New South Wales, you can find another surf beach, Byron Bay. The place has experienced dramatic transitions in a span of about 40 years. The town transformed from being the place for dairy farming to meat exporting, sand mining, and whaling. Now it is boasting of its adventure sports and a rugged beach setting which appeals to travelers.Competing with other world class beaches is Cable Beach in Western Australia which boasts of its 22-km white sand shoreline. Here you can enjoy relaxing by the beach and swimming. The beach’s view of the sunset is also believed to be among the most beautiful in the world known as the “Broome sunset”. You can also enjoy various water sports and the unique camel sunset ride along the beach.

Perth in Western Australia on the other hand boasts of Cottesloe, where you can snorkel, fish, swim, and surf, or just sit by the beach. The houses there are mostly old houses preserved from the 19th and 20th centuries.Meanwhile, Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, Queensland is one of the famous gateways to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree, another world heritage site. The beach got its name from its four-mile clean white sand. The area offers one of Australia’s most scenic coastal routes.Feast your eyes to the view of rain forest mountains and the Coral Sea.Also famous in Australia is the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is considered a playground and a top holiday destination where you can enjoy the sophisticated vibe of Main Beach as well as theme parks and wildlife conservation sites, gold courses, shopping areas and rainforests, all in one area. Home leasing in this area comes complete with water, electricity and double titles, so you can build an extra house. There are already a few sheds and private houses in the area.

Jervis Bay in New South Wales, meanwhile, is famous for Hyams Beach which is said to have the whitest sand in the world. It is a perfect holiday getaway for families.Located in the Sydney Suburbs is the playground for the elite, Palm Beach. It is an exclusive high-end beach and the destination for the rich and famous. Houses in this area are mostly mansions located in the southern corner of the area. Also located in the same area is Manly Beach which offers tourists and locals the quintessential Sydney experience. Here you can enjoy a cruise along the Sydney Harbour, windsurf, parasail, snorkel, kayak, and scuba dive.These are just some of the many beaches you can enjoy in Australia. Each beach destination is unique but all beaches give you the guarantee that you’ll want to live along the said beaches after experiencing them. Truly, Australian beaches offer a diverse and fun experience.

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