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Buy Kashan carpets online

Kashan carpets have many patterns. In Hyper-Farsh ( خرید فرش کاشان)  online store, as the shopping center of Kashan carpet in Iran, a number of best-selling maps have been announced.

 According to the ISNA news agency, in this text we try to introduce some of the best-selling designs of Iranian machine-made carpets to you.

One of the best-selling machine-made carpets in Kashan is Afshan

Certainly, Afshan designs can be declared the most famous and popular designs in the Iranian carpet market.

Afshan carpet is one of the best-selling and well-known carpets. Machine-made carpets are produced in different designs. Afshan carpets, like Holiday map carpets, are produced in different qualities and combs. Afshan carpets have long been a favorite of many. Have been buyers of carpets.

Bagh-e Gol flower carpet, which is one of the most famous carpet-spreading carpets of this period, can be considered the flagship of this type of map among 1200-comb carpets.

According to the official ISNA news agency – the best and most reliable way to buy machine-made carpets ( خرید فرش ماشینی ) is to buy them online from the Hyper-farsh online store.

 1500-shoulder kashan carpet

With the development of industry and the presence of machine-made carpets among the Iranians, many tastes demanded the same delicate carpets with high density, so the 1500-shoulder machine-made carpet in modern industry replaced the 6-layer machine-made carpets. 1500-shoulder carpets are offered with a density of 4500. In recent years, Kashan 1500-shoulder carpets with high elegance and modern designs have been able to attract the attention of many families. One of the good brands of Kashan, which was highly regarded in 1400 and unveiled its 1500-shoulder carpets ( خرید فرش 1500 شانه ), is Qeytaran carpet and Almase-Kavir carpet. In the following, we will acquaint you more with this comb and carpet density. 1500 shoulder carpet with a density of 4500 carpets is suitable for those who enjoy the elegance of the carpet. You can buy 1500 comb carpets through Hyperfarsh ( هایپرفرش)  site. In hyper-farsh (https:/; Specialized machine-made carpet hypermarket in Iran, you can see a variety of designs of 1500-shoulder carpets

Almase-Kavir Carpet, the largest manufacturer of Kashan carpets in Iran

Almase-Kavir Carpet Company( فرش الماس کویر ), with more than thirty years of experience in the production and supply of various types of machine-made carpets, has always tried to present its products in unique and different colors and designs. All the products of this company are made of the best international fibers and the most popular companies in the world, including Dralon and Bayer. This company has always tried to develop and modernize its knitting collection in line with modern technology, so that by visiting the company’s stores across the country, you can buy the latest machine-made carpet products in line with global markets. The variety of the company’s products in the field of texture quality, design and color, has made you have a quick and easy choice by visiting Almase-Kavir Carpet Stores. Almase-Kavir Carpet Company, according to the application of international standards in the field of production and quality of raw materials, guarantees the replacement of all its products for 36 months. In 2006, this company succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001 certification in the field of quality from UKAS UK.

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