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Advantages of Getting Splendor and Health Remedies On the web

Who is Vikas Singal

​In this video interview i am sitting down with SEO Expert ​Vikas Singal and he is going to share his journey and how he is making 5 figures every month from his SEO Agency. Who is Vikas Singal ?

Vikas Singal, A Professional SEO Consultant, is a profound Entrepreneur having 11+ years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing.

He outperformed many of his competitors with his Leadership, Proficiency and Vision to change the Digital World.

In 2010, started taking freelancing projects in SEO and digital marketing.

In 2013, He founded samblogs.com with a Vision to help his clients perform at the top of crowded markets.

As an SEO Consultant, He guides his clients through Best Practices, Advice and Top Search Marketing Strategies and multiplied his customer revenues 10X in last 12 months. With his expertise and Full Fledged Team, he is able to generate 246% more traffic and 5X more results for his clients globally and ranked over 9985 Keywords in Google Top 3.

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Advantages of Getting Splendor and Health Remedies On the web