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Payments as fast as your traders Crypto Archives – Orum

We manage an accelerated onramp experience of Fiat Onramp to Crypto Onramp  for your traders so they can catch the rapidly moving market. Round out their experience with an offramp to fiat that’s even faster.

The fast experience your traders expect:
Slow onramp and offramp are jarring to your traders, who have come to expect the instant money movement that they experience on-chain. Build loyalty at offramp by eliminating hold times and offering fast withdrawal settlement they expect, giving them one more reason to choose you when they’re ready to onramp their next tranche of fiat.

One platform for a fast onramp and offramp:
Your customers don’t have time to wait for funds, and you don’t have time to engineer and maintain complex multi-rail fiat integrations. Let our unified payments platform take care of your onramp and offramp, so you can spend less time wrestling with fiat and more time on your crypto innovation.

Reduce costs without sacrificing experience:
With risk-managed payment acceleration, you can eliminate platform holds, driving customers from expensive onramp rails, like wires and debit cards, to low-cost accelerated bank transfers. Your customers’ accounts will still fund quickly, but for cents, not percents.

Payments powered by intelligence:
Increase account opening, onramps, and loyalty with accelerated bank transfers for both account funding and withdrawals available through Orum’s single, embeddable fiat payments API.

Deposits: Fund accounts fast with a single API call – decrease dropoff and optimize CAC with card rail speeds at bank transfer prices.

Payouts: Build trust with your users by reliably offering them fast access to their money, with delivery of every transaction to their external bank account guaranteed. 24/7/365.

The best part? Orum scales with you.

With Orum’s thoughtfully designed platform, it’s simple to scale fast onramp/offramp across your existing and future product offerings through a single API.

About Us
Our vision is to power a better financial system where everyone has the freedom to build to their potential

We believe that by giving people the confidence to instantly access their money, we can bring financial opportunity to all, not just the few.

Our work is remote, not distant.
We believe that being a remote-first organization allows us to build a multidimensional team composed of
diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

“Letting you work remotely and investing in remote work are two different things — we believe a consistent, long-term remote work strategy is the best way to support a truly diverse team.”
Stephany Kirkpatrick

We invest in growing our talent – not office space!

Remote Office Supplies Stipend
Annual Full Company Offsites
Quarterly Health and Wellness Stipend
Meeting-Free, Deep-Work Days
Biweekly Expensed Lunch Events
Subsidized Membership to Co-Working Spaces

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