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Advantages of Chain Link Fences

Litter-Robot is in my opinion, the best self-cleaning cat litter box that is available. Other automatic cat litter boxes such as Litter Maid and Cat Genie, work, but not as well and not as consistently as the Litter-Robot. I have met people personally who have been using their Litter-Robot for over five years with absolutely no problems. Litter-Robot lives up to consumer expectations better than most electronic products available today.

Recently, there have been new product announcements by the Litter-Robot manufacturer. The new Gray Litter-Robot is partially made from 100% recycled plastic. That is, 84% of its total plastic volume uses the recycled kind. This keeps plastic out of landfills and saves energy over making plastic from scratch.

Also, there is a new “bubble globe”. The bubble globe has a see-through window at the back that adds light to the litter surface. In other words, kitty can see what he is doing more easily and he can look out while he does his business. The bubble globe adds 3″ more depth, so it may not be for everyone. The bubble globe may be purchased separately so one may upgrade their Litter-Robot if they already own

In addition, the manufacturer has added several new accessories. The first new accessory is a cardboard scratch ramp. The ramp encourages scratching, while providing easy entry into the Litter-Robot, which can be essential for aging cats. It also catches a large amount of litter if the cat happens to kick litter out of the entry hole.

There is also an optional lip extender. The lip extender protrudes out the entry hole to catch kicked litter. The lip extender can also host the litter fence, another new accessory. The litter fence also helps trap litter. The cat simply steps over the fence to enter the Litter-Robot.

The Litter-Robot comes with a carbon filter and odor seal. Consumers may want to replace these parts from time to time. These are also available from the manufacturer.

We are pleased to see all of these product improvements from Automated Pet Care Products, the Litter-Robot manufacturer. It is more evidence of a well-engineered and well-supported product that will be here for many years to come.

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