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Casa Beauty Tampines – facial for men Singapore

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We welcome YOU to challenge our passion and professionalism in beauty facials, by providing a first time trial on ALL our services at Casa Beauty-Tampines

Together as a team, we strive to achieve excellence and constantly improve our artistry to enrich and nourish our client’s facial experience.To offer exquisite experiences each and every time.

Casa Beauty started their business in year 2003, and has been serving the beauty needs of Tampines.

All Speciality Face Treatments come with relaxing massage, careful painless extraction, blackhead removal and eyebrow trim.

Quality products. Qualified Beauticians
Facials are our Speciality
Casa Beauty-Tampines started their business in the year 2003, bring affordable facials and hair removal services to you
See You Soon at Casa Beauty!

Gua Sha Facial And Its Benefits:
TCM Gua sha Facial Oriental Beauty Plan is a TCM treatment, with the best TCM beauty tools, the gua sha stimulation and jade disc rejuvenation

Gua Sha Facial And Its Benefits. THE ORIENTAL BEAUTY PLAN:
Energy devices such as RF, and ultrasound, parked under famous names such as Ultherapy or Thermage, are created to achieve the same goal: DEEP COLLAGEN STIMULATION.
Are you fascinated by the viral new trend of using a mysterious beauty tool Gua Sha? Are you wondering why it has become so famous all around the world? The reason behind the popularity of this small mystic beauty tool is that it can give your skin a new life. Gua sha helps increase the prominence of your face contours, and it brightens the skin by giving a beautiful glow and makes you say goodbye to your dark circles.

History Of Gua Sha?
The recent popularity of Gua Sa might make you think that this is a new beauty tool. But that’s not the truth; Gua Sha has a spirited historical value in traditional Chinese medicine TCM. The word “Gua Sha” means scraping sand; as the name suggests, this tool was used in Chinese medicine as a scraping tool to increase blood circulation and remove toxins from the body.

According to the beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine, your chi (energy) should flow throughout the body without any hindrance. Your health starts dropping whenever chi becomes stagnant at any part of the body, causing aches and pains or eternal lethargy. That is where Gua Sha helps, and it is scraped all over the body to make the flow of chi smooth again. The treatment of Gua Sha is done with several interesting and unique items like a coin, even honed animal bone, a Chinese soup spoon, a buffalo horn, or a jade stone.

Your Ultimate Guide To Skin Tags:
What are skin tags?
One treatment Casa Beauty-Tampines always get enquiries is how to remove skin tags in Singapore. Skin tags are an irritating but common type of skin growth that looks like small, soft, skin-coloured growths on your skin. They can vary in colour (flesh-toned colours) and size (from a few millimetres to 5mm wide).
Skin tags are found on the neck, eyelids, underarms, under the buttocks’ folds, around the groin area, or under the breasts. They are harmless and don’t usually grow or change, and don’t cause any pain or discomfort. Skin tags are generally smooth and soft, knobbly and hang off the skin, but not contagious.

Skin tags removal in Singapore or better right in Tampines is safe and easy Forget about messy over the counter creams that might not work!Please click here and visit our website for more details.

Speciality Treatments:
We specialise in high-quality facials with relaxing massage, careful painless acne extraction, blackhead removal, and eyebrow trim. Our facial salon has received countless awards and positive reviews regarding the quality of our services and products. We are one of the first Facial Singapore salons to provide FILLMED NCTF HA135 skin booster in the non-invasive method.

The face needs to be cleaned and exfoliated thoroughly before blackhead removal Exerting too much force will damage the surrounding skin and leave scars

Casa Beauty takes pride in providing the Best facials in Tampines! We do not provide the standard ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions but to customised all our treatments individually to your needs. To thank you for choosing us to walk your personal beauty journey with you!

facial for men Singapore A clean face gives the impression that he cares for his hygiene image, affecting his job dating prospects!Please click here and visit us in our website for more details.

facial treatment Singapore requires the best skin care ingredients How many have you heard of, and the benefits of them Best facial at Casa Beauty!Please click here and visit us in our website for more details.

Best facials in Tampines! Our Speciality Facials includes Meridian Guasha, Imperial Jadeite, Baby Face Boosters and Super Lift! Tel 65874889

We welcome YOU to challenge our passion and professionalism in beauty facials, by providing a first time trial on ALL our services at Casa Beauty-Tampines First Trial 50% off!

Highly Experienced Beauticians
Painless pimple extractions and blackhead removal
No Hardsell/ No Hidden Cost
Cosy yet clinical settings

477 Tampines Street 43 #01-162 Singapore (520477)
Email :
Tel : 65874889
What’s App : +6596471119

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