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The Gonstead Method: Everything You Need To Know


After a complete analysis, the Gonstead chiropractor is ready to deliver any necessary adjustments. The focus of the Gonstead method  is to be as specific, precise, and accurate as possible, addressing only the problem areas (areas of subluxation). Great care is taken to ensure a bio-mechanically correct position and precise thrust to provide the most accurate and painless adjustment possible. It is the goal of your Gonstead doctor to restore and maintain optimal health by locating and correcting any interference to the nervous system caused by vertebral subluxation.

Gonstead Method represents the Gold standard in hands on spinal adjusting remains a leader in chiropractic techniques Understand the principles of the Gonstead Technique.

Find the subluxation, accept it where you find it, correct it and leave it alone.”– C.S. Gonstead

What Separates Us From Other Chiropractors in Denver, CO?
Chiropractic has come a long way since Daniel D. Palmer gave his first adjustment in September 1895 in Davenport, Iowa. Today, there are many methods used by chiropractors to correct spinal misalignments, joint dysfunctions, and subluxation complexes. Many techniques are identified by the name of the person who was most instrumental in their development. Interestingly enough, one of the most advanced and scientific methods is a technique called:

What Is The Gonstead Technique?
Having a basic understanding of what is the Gonstead technique should be a goal for any patient. The Gonstead technique is a system of chiropractic analysis and adjustment and is the result of extensive clinical research by Clarence S.Gonstead, founder of the world-famous Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, and his associates. Doctor Gonstead’s fifty-five years of continuous practice and over four million chiropractic adjustments resulted in the most complete method of biomechanical analysis available for use by today’s doctors of chiropractic. So why don’t all chiropractors use this technique? Because the analysis takes more time and mastering the art of delivering a specific adjustment takes a LOT of practice and dedication.

The “Gonstead Chiropractor”

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